4 pages essay, follow the prompt uploaded

RWS 281 Persuasive Essay

From Aims of Argument, Chapter 10


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Write an editorial in which you show your understanding of rhetorical strategies, persuasive appeals, and audience awareness. This requires you to have a good understanding of your audiences’ knowledge and assumptions. You will use the persuasive appeals of logic, emotion, and character. You will also use rhetorical strategies. 


While your editorial will show deliberate use of appeals and strategies, it will also need to responsibly use outside sources. The reading assignments for this unit will be required as evidence or counterevidence. You may additionally use personal experience or references to popular culture or American society.


The editorial will be 3-4 type written pages in length.


Your audience will be readers of The Daily Aztec.


Your project is to write an editorial in which you convince SDSU students that violent or disrespectful behavior towards others needs to stop. Make sure to introduce and support your topic using background information from the articles we have read in class and conclude with suggestions for change on the SDSU campus.


Resources: Chapter 10 

                    “What is Civility?”  P.M. Forni

                    “Bullying Victims: The Effects Last into College”  Adams and Lawrence

                     “Don’t Be a Bystander”  Emily Bazelon

                    SDSU “It’s On Us” website: web page: https://as.sdsu.edu/itsonus/

                    Audit of University Policies: Sexual Harrassment and Sexual Violence