4 – law questions

1. Some sales representatives for a number of the major publishers of books for universities concluded that if was not economical to visit each school in their districts, in light of the fact that usually each institution selects only a single book for its course. Therefore, they decided to select certain universities for each publisher and call on only the universities designated for that publisher. Might this pose problems of an anticompetitive nature and, if so, what might that/those be?

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2. What theory might subject an employer to liability for an employee having an automobile accident due to going to sleep driving from work to home after work?

3. WXY corporation gives franchisees of the company stock. Those shares contain the following language:

NOTE: Restrictions apply to stock ownership of this share. Only employees and/or franchisees of WXY corporation are permitted to own this stock. If employment or franchise is terminated this share may not be sold to another unless it was offered for sale first to the board of WXY to purchase.
Is such a restriction valid?

4. An accounting firm requires that all applicants complete tests in math and reading. Due to test results, over 10,000 applicants who are in protected classes have not been hired over the past five years. Are there issues about using the tests/testing with which the accounting firm should be concerned?