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Part 1 – Assignment: Finding Song Lyrics

This first part of the assignment is simple: Find lyrics to four songs that are school appropriate. Try to ensure that the songs can stand on their own as poetry. Also try to ensure that the song / poet has something to say, meaning that there is emotion behind the words. At this point, all you are doing is finding the song lyrics. When you find your four songs, submit them to your teacher. After the next section, you will see what you will do with them.

Part 2 – Assignment: Poetic Devices in Song Lyrics
Using only two of the song lyrics you found for part one of this assignment, identify at least two poetic devices used in each of the songs. When you have found a poetic device, don’t just write which device it is; specifically identify it with examples from the song. Submit the lyrics with an explanation of the poetic devices to your teacher.

Part 3 – Assignment: Song Lyrics to Prose
Using only two of the song lyrics you found for part one of this assignment, turn them into prose. In other words, paraphrase what is happening in the poem/song lyrics into your own words. Tell the story behind the poem/song lyrics. Make sure to include the original lyrics and submit this to your teacher as instructed.