250 words reply 2

For your own article, could you follow all of the methods or were some of them unclear? What about the results? Was it clear how the results were supported by the analyses or was there a gap in explaining how the authors got from the raw data of focus groups to their conclusions about the themes?

As the variables of “number of years in practice, race, sex, age” can all easily be quantified or are quantitative variables, did the study report any of the basic statistics related to these variables> . If so, did they divide opinion by any of these variables? We could ask if men and women had different opinions or if opinion varied with age or race. If any of that was done, the work would be mixed methods research.

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Did the study mention how they coded the focus group data or how much work was involved? What about the sample size? How many people were in the study?

I like to ask questions about methods because we can only understand a study if we understand its methods and results sections. If we don’t understand those sections, we can only see the authors’ claims and opinions. .

For a final question, what is the quality of that journal and how would we know?


Sharp, T., Malyon, A., & Barclay, S. (2018). GPs’ perceptions of advance care planning with frail and older people: a qualitative study. British Journal of General Practice, 68(666), e44. Retrieved from http://search.ebscohost.com.proxy-library.ashford….