20th century pop culture and the arts, (100-125 words), art & design homework help

There are six discussion questions. Each discussion question needs to be between 100-125 words. Please include each discussion question with the response in the completed work.

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1.) Do you think that
Chicago’s Dinner Party artwork, and the statement she was trying to make
regarding these women forgotten to history, would have made an impact if it
wasn’t so bold?  Do you think the choices she made, including the vaginal
imagery, were intentional in an effort to ruffle feathers and gain attention?

2.) What did you learn about the role a curator plays that you
weren’t aware of before?  Thelma Golden speaking about what she does – and
what she hopes to do – change the way museums galleries will be viewed in the

3.) What are some of
the unique challenges that artists who make public art face?  Should the
designer of a memorial, for example, take into consideration the community that
the memorial represents?  What are some other recent examples of memorials
that caused, if not a controversy, public discussion and debate?

4.) Do you think that
art can be used to educate people about social issues today?  How can art
be used to remember and respect history?  What are some examples of work during
the 20th that has helped gain a better understanding or appreciation
of a time in America’s past?  Do you think it would be more or less
effective than “traditional” methods of teaching?

5.) Do you feel that The
Dinner Party
and the works of other feminist artists would have
gotten the same reaction if it was premiered today?  In general, do you
feel that the radical work of the feminist artists would not be as effective if
presented today?

6.) How can art be
used to help create dialog and communication among different groups of people?