200 Word Crime Prevention Discussion Board Post

Crime prevention through environmental design is based upon the theory of rational choice; people engage in criminal behavior because they choose to do so. Rational choice theory presumes that criminals decide whether to commit a criminal act by looking at its benefits vs. costs. What will they get out of completing the crime? What is the possibility they will get caught or suffer other negative consequences?

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Obviously, there are problems with rational choice theory: Does everyone always act and think rationally? Do they make conscious choices when considering criminal activity? We can, however, utilize the principles of this theory and apply them to certain types of crime.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design [CPTED] is based on situational choice theory, which falls under the idea of rational choice and the classical school of thought. The key principles of CPTED are natural surveillance, territorial reinforcement, natural access control, and maintenance, all four of which should be employed to increase the effectiveness of this crime prevention approach.

If we reduce the opportunities for crime, we can prevent it to some degree. With situational choice, we are reducing criminal opportunities by changing the physical environment. Your text and reading assignments discuss the various ways in which we can alter our surroundings with the goal of crime prevention.

The Prompt


1. Review the CPTED Instructor Powerpoint that features Jack Britt High School (ATTACHED BELOW)

2. View the Video on Applying CPTED Strategies. (WILL BE ATTACHED IN THE COMMENT SECTION)

3. Read the article Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design: Designing Safer Communities ( http://www.humanics-es.com/cpted.pdf )

4. The above article discusses applying CPTED strategies to various types of buildings and locations. You are to choose a REAL location that fits one of the following categories;

Educational Facility

Commercial Storefront/Business/Retail Establishment

Shopping Mall (enclosed or open air)

Office Building

Medical or Government Facility

Parking Structure (multi-story)

5. You will need to attach a picture of your chosen site to your DB essay submission.

The picture may either be embedded, or attached to the post.

It may be a photo you took yourself, or one from the internet.

6. Analyze your chosen site in regard to the FOUR CPTED STRATEGIES: Natural surveillance, Natural access control, Territorial reinforcement, and Maintenance.

How are EACH of these four strategies already being utilized at this location? (One example for each strategy.)

What improvements can be made to the location to enhance each of the four strategies? (One example for each strategy.)

7. Use your notes to write your essay following the TEMPLATE.

8. Check spelling and grammar before you post.

CPTED ESSAY TEMPLATE (A copy of this template is also attached below)

Each paragraph should be a minimum of 4 to 5 sentences.

Para 1: Intro Paragraph

In your own words define and explain the purpose of CPTED. Be sure to discuss and define each of the four strategies.

Why should we focus more on crime prevention measures that change the environment rather than those that attempt to identify offenders? Why is CPTED an effective problem-oriented strategy in reducing and preventing crime?

Provide cited source material to support your answer. No quotations. Paraphrase the source information.

Para 2

Identify the type of location your chose (must be one of the above listed categories).

Briefly discuss your chosen building/ location. Describe it. You may want to include some discussion of the surrounding neighborhood or why you chose this particular location.

Para 3

1. How is each feature of CPTED already being applied at this location? You can use a list as long as you are specific and descriptive.

a. Natural surveillance – one example

b. Natural access control – one example

c. Territorial Reinforcement – one example

d. Maintenance – one example

2. How can security measures at this property be improved using each of the four CPTED strategies? You can use a list as long as you are specific and descriptive.

a. Natural surveillance – one example

b. Natural access control – one example

c. Territorial Reinforcement – one example

d. Maintenance – one example

Para 4: Concluding Paragraph

(Suggested ideas for your conclusion)

Apply what you have just learned to your own home. What strategies are you already using or are already present? How can you improve the security of your home using CPTED strategies? How else can you use this information? What did you learn from this assignment? Do you plan to share this information with others? If so, who and for what purpose? What did you find most interesting about this topic?

Add any other concluding thoughts.

Don’t forget to attach a photo of the location you chose.