20 attached articles to summarize and add 5 more to make 25

For this assigment, please briefly summarize each of these 20 attached articles on Green Supply chain Management (SCM), Sustainable Supply chain Amanagement (SSCM), product life cycle Assessment (LCA), and Environmental Efficiency Evaluation (3Es).

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Please add at least 5 more articles (no older than 3 years) to this to make it 25 references.

Also, in your paper, please create a 3 distinct figure pertaining to:

1- Green Supply Chain Management

2-Sustainable Supply chain Management

3- Green and Sustainable Supply Chain Management by merging the two previous figures

The paper length has to be at least 3000 words.

I can only attached 5 articles at a time. So, I will send you the remaining 15 articles once we start chatting.