(2) Compare/Contrast Essay

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You will write 2 Compare/Contrast essays>
Each essay will compare two works of art found in the textbook. The selection
of artworks for each paper is up to you, but must be selected only from
chapters covered in my coursebook (I will provide the ebook and the chapters you can choose from).

Your formal analysis must be:

– minimum two FULL pages (maximum 2.5 pages)

– double-spaced in a 12-point legible font

– MLA format with a Works Cited page. (See the MLA Style Guide
found under Course  


– The title of paintings, sculptures, photographs, printmaking
works of art should ALWAYS be in


– Be certain of what medium of art you are referring to. Not all
works of art are “pictures”; do a

 little research and
refer to it as a painting, sculpture, work of architecture, photograph, etc.

-Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. This is a user
generated with little to no fact checking

 so the information
cannot be considered reliable.


The first stage of your analysis is to
find information about the works and their respective artists, and to document
that information. Use the sheet provided to help you gather important
information. Be sure to include information about the possible artist
influences and reference any special subject matter depicted in the works.
After you have had a chance to research the basic information about your
particular works of art, try to describe it using the elements of art that we
have discussed in class.

The second stage of the assignment will
include taking the information you have about the works (including your
analysis of the elements of art, subject matter and artistic media), and
presenting it in essay form.

The third and last stage of your analysis
will be to refine your writing and to make any changes necessary before the
next class. .


All sources should be cited and included in the Works
Cited page
. Citations should be in MLA format. 

The chapters you can choose your art to compare from are

Chapters18, 19, 20