#2 Analysis of Articles – Operations Management

The papers will focus on articles taken from newspapers, current events, or the Internet. You will locate, read, write a summary of, and present a summary of a recent (2013 or later) article related to any of the topics covered in this class. The article may be from any business journal or academic journal (APA style).

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You are expected to write a 4-5 page paper that contains the most useful information from the article following the format outlined below. You should not simply copy the abstract the authors provide. Include a complete citation for the article, so that others in the class might locate it if they are so inclined.

The papers should reflect the student’s analysis and critical thinking as it relates to other course materials and information. At a minimum, the papers are to include the following:

1. Introduction

2. Summary – ½ – ¾ page of the article or case study

3. Analysis – your analysis of the topic, comparing and/or contrasting it to other course materials

4. Discussion your insights you have gained from the reading

5. Production Management Application – how your learning can be applied to your work environment

6. Personal Reflection – describe your personal thoughts and Christian worldview about the analysis, article content and/or the Operations Management application

7. Conclusion

Your grade will be based on the following:

  • The quality of your written abstract, including the level of understanding you demonstrate about the article you have read.
  • The application of the topic to your particular organization, how it might be implemented, or, if it would be beneficial to your organization but you are not in a position of authority to implement it, what would have to change and what the benefits would be.
    ★ Do Not Plagiarism.
    ★ Using American English.