2-3 pages in APA format. see below.

There are several visual elements, or cues, that can be used to
attract the eyes of viewers. In this assignment, we will focus on identifying
four visual cues and analyzing the effects of them on viewer perception. The
four visual cues we will analyze are color, lines, visual balance, and visual

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Before you begin writing this
analysis paper, find any professional advertising image (ex: a Pepsi magazine
advertisement image can be found online) or a famous piece of artwork (ex:
Picasso’s Starry Night) that visually displays each of these four visual cues:
color, lines, balance, and contrast.

Additionally, it is important to
identify how the physiology of the eye helps one interpret the effects of the
four visual cues. Include at least one paragraph addressing how our eyes
physiologically respond to these four visual cues and why this is important to
consider in visual communication.

This analysis paper should be 2-3
pages long, and it should clearly identify the four visual elements of color,
lines, balance, and contrast. Be sure to thoroughly analysis of each of these
four visual elements.

Helpful hints: When
writing an analysis, consider using these types of analysis questions: How will
this visual element affect viewers? What if this visual element was not there,
or what if it was different? How would that affect viewers perception? How is
this visual element effectively promoting the ideas or the products in the
image/artwork? Why is it important to use this visual to strategically attract
the eyes of viewers? How might this visual be used strategically in my career
or life?