2-1 Practice Workshop

I need a 3 paragraph post written over the folowing topic:

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Read “Awaiting Orders,” which can be found in 100 Years of The Best American Short Stories (pp. 639–652) or here.

As you read the story, notice the bright, short character descriptions that impact mood. Look at how scene changes include sensory detail such as the rain or fresh air. As you read, make some observations about the text in a separate document so you can keep track of your thoughts in preparation for providing feedback on this piece.

In your initial post, be sure to include the following critical elements and see the guiding questions below each element to help you in your critique:

Analysis and Evaluation

  • Are character motivations clear? Does the reader identify with the emotional responses? Does the dialogue build organically?
  • Are characters individuals who speak with regional idioms or real-world hesitation?
  • Do the story events move quickly with enough exposition for internal integrity? Are hints dropped to propel the larger plot?
  • Do descriptions of locations include sensual detail (smells, sounds, taste, lighting source)? Provide an example from the story.
  • Are transitions helpful for signaling a shift in time or location? What transitions can be improved?


  • What surprises did you find in the story?
  • What emotional pull came from the characters or dialogue?
  • What mini-scene may be better presented in dialogue?
  • What moments in the story are confusing or misleading? Use examples from specific paragraphs.
  • What elements of the plot may be missing where the writer can add a mini-scene?
  • What was your overall impression of the story’s success?

Please be sure to address all points above and cite in MLA format.