2.1 Discussion

For this discussion comment on one of the assigned Spring chapters 2-5 and share with your peers your perspective in responding to the following questions. Refer to the readings to support your claims.

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1. What was the primary directive in educating the dominated culture?
2. What was the impact on the dominated culture?
3. How will this knowledge serve you in the classroom?

APA Format (4 paragraphs or more)

*** for an extra tip, I can add on another option, you just have to reply to 4 other student posts…very short and easy to do…I can explain after

Readings and Assignment Information


  • from Spring- Deculturalization:
    • Chapter 2 -p. 22
    • Chapter 3- p. 42
    • Chapter 4- p. 69
    • Chapter 5- p. 86
  • from Jana Noel’s Multicultural Education
    • Spring, J. The Great Civil Rights Movement and the New Culture Wars. p. 10
    • Beaulieu, D. A Survey and Assessment of Culturally Based Education Programs for Native American Students in the US. p. 139
  • Taylor & Whittaker
    • Chapter 2