1st paper update for research paper due

For this question I need an update on the paper

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The paper will have various follow ups. I will post new questions(update) once I receive the previous update.

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Research Paper , Motivational Improvement:

Include your chosen topic with an outline of what you expect to cover. This should address the motivation theories you intend to explore and the workplace you will evaluate. You may use the following format for the outline to explain your intended points:

Topic Specified:

Main Point I

Subpoint A (source cited)

Subpoint B (source cited)

Main Point II

Subpoint A (source cited)

Subpoint B (source cited)

Main Point III

Subpoint A (source cited)

Subpoint B (source cited)


You are to develop a motivational improvement program for a particular workplace environment. You are encouraged to do this for your workplace.

******My workplace environment: (United States Navy/ Marine Corps)*****

We spoke about concentrating on “NAVY SEALS”

Your project will address the following:

The historical foundation and meaning of workplace motivation

Assess the impact of motivational and performance factors for the topic and workplace selected

Identify and analyze motivational theories, concepts and models applicable to the selected topic and workplace

Apply the motivational theories, concepts and models appropriate to your topic and workplace environment

Identify and evaluate strategies for enhancing motivation and performance based on the topic and appropriate to the selected workplace environment

Develop the implementation plan for the strategies selected for the workplace environment chosen and how success will be evaluated

The topic must be applicable to a specific area regarding workplace motivation. The research paper is not intended to simply be a literature review in which you repeat and write about what has already been published regarding your topic. Instead, you could research the effectiveness of training and what type of training could enhance managers’ motivation and their ability to improve subordinates’ motivation and performance, and then develop a strategy of implementation. Of course, to answer this question you obviously have to review and discuss already published research. However, you should be analyzing the literature to determine what it tells us and what new questions need to be asked. Your paper should conclude with proposed ideas for future research on your topic.

The paper will include a title page, abstract, and reference list – none of which count toward the page requirement. The paper will be written in accordance with APA style and should be approximately 15 to 20 pages in length. Use at least 12 scholarly references. Wikipedia, psychology today, about.psychology.com are not scholarly sources and should be avoided. Additionally, general print encyclopedias (e.g., World Book; Encyclopedia Britannica) are considered unacceptable in a university environment.

Papers will also be judged on the level of analysis, grammar, spelling, and adherence to these standards.

Final Paper Updates: due at various points throughout the course.


All written work must conform to current APA guidelines unless otherwise indicated.

please let me know if you have any questions!!!