1000 words self criticism paper

The story is as follows:

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The students who were involved in smoking are me and my friend Colin. It is too cold outside so that we decide to smoke inside. I was caught smoking in university dorm. I need to write a self criticism paper.

Make sure you follow the story and make a self criticism paper! Include all the details listed below!

* Research and review at least two fatal fires that occurred on a college or university campus.

* Provide a brief description of the fires (i.e., what happened, who was involved, how did they start, what was the outcome, were the institutions held liable?).

* Would fire suppression devices (extinguishers, sprinklers) have helped in these fires? * What changes, if any, did the schools you reviewed implement after the fire?

* Could the fires you reviewed happen at Northeastern? Why, or why not?

* What steps can Northeastern University take to avoid fires similar to the ones you researched?

* How could your actions have played a role in something similar happening at Northeastern?

Paper length: not less than 1000 words