1.You are a systems analyst working on a project to develop an intranet for a la

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  1. You are a systems analyst working on a project to develop an intranet for a large organization with several thousand employees working in offices throughout the United States. This will be the organization’s first intranet, and executive management wants it to help increase employee efficiency and commitment to the organization. As part of fact-finding, information needs to be gathered from employees of the organization regarding intranet content and functionality. Due to the size and geographic distribution of the organization, as well as project time constraints, there is insufficient time and resources for personal interviews, so you have decided that a questionnaire is needed.
    a. What facts and opinions do you need to collect?
    b. Should all employees in the organization be surveyed? Why or why not? If not all employees should be surveyed, how would you select the employees to be surveyed?
    c. What format do you think would work best for this survey questionnaire? If fixed format, what type( s) of fixed-format questions should be used?
    d. How long should the survey questionnaire be in order to get the necessary information without discouraging employees from filling it out?
    e. (if time permits – not required…but great if you want to do it!) Create the survey questionnaire, using the question-writing guidelines given in Chapter.6