1 paragraphs with 100 words or more.

You may discuss how IT, MIS, and the Internet of Things (IOT) affect your personal and professional lives. The Internet of Things (IOT) also affects personal lives and corporate strategies. For example, imagine in 2020, your toothbrush will alert your phone that you need to see a dentist because it detects a cavity. Another example is an alert sent by your driverless car to inform you that you need to leave 30 minutes earlier for work or school because the tank is almost empty and the icy roads from the severe weather.

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I need you to write me a 1 post. think about how IT, MIS, and IOT allow us to operate in a global society. Discuss how IT, MIS, or IOT currently support you at your current job or at home? How has IT impacted your career? Why is knowledge of IT important to your future career? Can you think of specific examples? If you have read a recent article, please feel free to share.